Matjack Airbags


Put Matjack under a load and inflate.  The hand-held controls

Matjack Prices

have two buttons; inflation and deflations.

32 Metric Ton Systems

Matjacks will go anywhere you have one inch clearance.    
They work in rain, snow and the coldest weather.

      1 Bag System:  

Take Matjack out in the field and throw it on sharp gravel, muddy banks,

      2 Bag System:             Call for all Air Bag Pricing

 wet grass, and other sloppy conditions for service work.

      4 Bag System:  

Great for getting a Mfd Home out of a tight spot.   (Prices do not include shipping)

1 System Includes:

1 Bag, 1-20' Hose, 1 Control Unit, Carrying Case


Raise and lower the home from a remote location.
All components have a five year unconditional warranty.